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Voice! written by Suze Pratten Email: [email protected]

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<aside> 💡 N.B. The Voice! song honours the entire Statement from the Heart - Voice, Treaty and Truth. It is my hope that the song will continue to support First Nations justice until all elements of the Statement have been fully realised.


A Message from Suze

The Voice! song was written on Darug land in 2021, as I contemplated, from my non-aboriginal perspective, the power and inspiration of the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

Singing is such a great way to win hearts & minds and to bond a community - when we sing about something we believe in, it can be especially powerful.

I am offering these resources royalty free for community choirs, singing groups and grass roots ‘Yes’ campaign events. Other organisations, please contact me via email.

It is my hope that you and your community will be empowered by optimism and joy as you sing this song and that it will be a powerful tool to bring about the change we need.

Happy singing together,

Suze :-)

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              *photo by Jim Mulhearn*


Voice! Song Lyrics

Verse 1 You made a Statement from the Heart, You made it loud you made it clear. You made a Statement from the Heart, Now it’s up to me to hear.

Verse 2 So many Nations came together, So many people found one voice, It wasn’t easy but you did it, Now we need to make the choice.

CHORUS It’s a choice for Voice, Voice Treaty Truth x3 Voice Treaty Truth x2

Verse 3 It’s way past time for recognition This Voice to parliament enshrined Our nation needs that Truth be told (let truth be told) And there’s Treaties to be signed.

CHORUS It’s a choice for Voice, Voice Treaty Truth x3 Voice Treaty Truth x3

©Suze Pratten 2021